DOSEmate – Dosing Computer for Aquariums

Product Description

DOSEmate is the REEFmate Aquarium Computer, with 4 embedded dosing pumps.

This device is a prototype and isn’t available for sale.

It comes with 4 peristaltic dosing pumps and the REEFmate Aquarium Controller on the same device.

– 4 x peristaltic pumps with 1ml precision.
– Optional Pharmed tubbing upgrade. Lasts 10000 hours, 60X times more than silicone.
– ATO with optical and float switch sensors, that can control any of the peri pumps or other outlets via USB extensions.
– pH sensor
– Temperature sensors (multiple sensors can be connected to the same port)
– Support for Reef Angel extensions, like power outlets. 12V outlets, leak/ph/salinity/ORP extensions, etc.
– Wifi

– Dosing pump:
– Unlimited dosing schedules.
– Easy to use step-by-step pump calibration with reminders for the next calibration.
– History of amount dosed.
– Refill notifications.
– Customisable via Node-RED
– Support for HD USB camera live stream.
– Accessible anywhere in the world via
– User friendly mobile and desktop interface.
– Auto software updates.
– Temperature and pH charts and history.
– Ability to completely customise the controller’s without having to learn a programming language, via Node-RED.
– SMS and email alerts via internet.
– Compatibility with all REEFmate extensions.

Proudly developed and assembled in Australia!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm


Is the DOSEmate an Aquarium Controller? Yes. In fact, until recent years Aquarium Controllers were based on micro computers, which are underpowered for today’s needs. The REEFmate uses a powerfull computer, just like your mobile phone or table, which allows for more modern and interesting solutions.

– Is the DOSEmate the REEFmate the same thing? Pretty much. The DOSEmate is a REEFmate Aquarium Computer, that also comes with 4 dosing pumps.

– Is the DOSEmate/REEFmate extendable? Yes. Extensibility is at the heart of the REEFmate and every new module we produce will be compatible. Extensions can be connected to the USB port, just like you connect any mouse or keyboard to your home computer.

– Does the DOSEmate runs on a Raspberry PI? Yes. The DOSEmate actually runs on multiple micro computer platforms, including the Raspberry PI 2 model B, Odroid C1 and X3 as well as the PCDuino 3.

– Is the REEFmate open source? No. Owners are welcome to vies the source code, but are not allowed to modify or redistribute it in any form.


Processor: 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Disk: 8GB micro SDCARD
Internet: Ethernet port and support for Wifi USB dongle

4x 12V DC motors – 500 hours life expectancy.
4x silicone tubing (upgradable to pharmed tubing).
1x spare pump head.

ATO: 1x optical switch + 1x float switch on a magnetic holder.
Temperature: 1x Dallas temperature sensor (ability to add 100+ temperature sensors)

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